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Aniki Bóbó
Making: Manoel de Oliveira
Year : 1942
Length : 1h08min
Format : HD, SD
Rights expire on : 9/25/22
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Two boys from Oporto, Carlitos and Eduardinho, like the same girl, Teresinha. One is audacious, quarrelsome, cheeky; the other is timid, good, quiet. The rivalry is becoming more accentuated and, one day, to please her lover, Carlitos steals, a doll. Teresinha feels inclined towards him until one day, in an innocent joke, Eduardinho slides down a slope and falls next to a passing train. Everyone thinks that Carlitos pushed him and everyone moves away from him ...


  • Horácio Silva : Carlitos
  • Fernanda Matos : Teresinha
  • António Santos : Eduardinho
  • Nascimento Fernandes : Shopkeeper
  • Vital dos Santos : School teacher
  • Armando Pedro Pedro : Shop employee




  • Rights expire on: 9/25/22
  • Release date: 12/02/2018
  • Color: black and white
  • Type: feature film
  • Director: Manoel de Oliveira
  • Screenplay: Manoel de Oliveira
  • Cinematographer: António Mendes
  • Set decoration: José Porto
  • Costume: António Vilar
  • Sound: Sousa Santos
  • Editing: Vieira de Sousa
  • Editing: Manoel de Oliveira
  • Original score: Jaime Silva
  • Producer: Tobis Portuguesa
  • Producer: António Lopes Ribeiro
  • Producer: Manoel de Oliveira
  • Actor: Horácio Silva
  • Actor: Fernanda Matos
  • Actor: António Santos
  • Actor: Nascimento Fernandes
  • Actor: Vital dos Santos
  • Actor: Armando Pedro Pedro