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Rentrée des classes
Making: Jacques Rozier
Year : 1955
Length : 24 min
Format : HD, SD, HD, SD
Rights expire on : 12/7/19
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In a small village in Provence, a new school year begins. René, has not done his holiday homework, so he throws his schoolbag away in the river. Arriving at school, René turns back and takes the road for the forest. Surrounded by nature, flooded with light, he treats himself playing truant for some hours, before finding by chance his schoolbag…


  • René Boglio : l'écolier
  • Marius Sumian : Susu




  • Rights expire on: 12/7/19
  • Release date: 31/03/2016
  • Color: black and white
  • Type: short film
  • Director: Jacques Rozier
  • Screenplay: Michèle O'Glor
  • Screenplay: Jacques Rozier
  • Cinematographer: René Mathelin
  • Original score: Darius Milhaud
  • Editing: Michèle David
  • Editing: Jacques Rozier
  • Producer: Dovidis
  • Actor: René Boglio
  • Actor: Marius Sumian