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Rentrée des classes / Petite Lumière
Director: Jacques Rozier, Alain Gomis
Year: 1956
Length: 39 min
Format: SD, HD
Rights expire on: 12/7/19
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With a gap of 50 years and a distance of 3000 miles, two filmmakers look into their childhood memories.


  • Marius Sumian: Susu
  • René Boglio: René
  • Assy Fall: Fatima
  • Djolof Mbengue: Alioune
  • Fatou Diouf: Marie-Louise
  • Coumba Diamanka: Antou


Rentrée des classes extraitPetite lumière extrait


Photo1.JPGpetitelumiere.jpgPhoto2.JPGlarentree2.jpgunspecified (1)larentree1.jpg
Photo1.JPGpetitelumiere.jpgPhoto2.JPGlarentree2.jpgunspecified (1)larentree1.jpg


  • Rights expire on: 12/7/19
  • Color: black and white and color
  • Type: short film
  • Director: Jacques Rozier
  • Screenplay: Jacques Rozier
  • Screenplay: Michèle O'Glor
  • Cinematographer: René Mathelin
  • Sound: Jean Duguet
  • Sound: Jean Pouleau
  • Editing: Michèle David
  • Editing: Raymonde Nevers
  • Original score: Darius Milhaud
  • Producer: Dovidis
  • Director: Alain Gomis
  • Screenplay: Alain Gomis
  • Cinematographer: Aurélien Devaux
  • Set decoration: Rackie Diankia
  • Sound: Alioune Mbow
  • Editing: Fabrice Roaud
  • Original score: Constance Barré
  • Original score: Patrice Gomis
  • Producer: Anne-Cécile Berthomeau
  • Producer: Eric Idriss Kanango
  • Producer: Edouard Mauriat
  • Producer: Mille et Une Productions