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Uma Pedra no Bolso
Director: Joaquim Pinto
Year: 1987
Length: 1h32min
Format: SD, HD
Rights expire on: 1/31/21
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12-year-old Miguel is punished because he has not done his homework properly : he must stay at his aunt’s inn for holidays. First bored, then a friendship begins between him and other inn’s regular holiday-makers, like maid Luisa or fisherman João. But doctor Fernando’s arrival is going to overwhelm the place’s peaceful life and to change Miguel’s mind.


  • Bruno Leite: Miguel
  • Inês de Medeiros: Luisa
  • Manuel Lobao: João
  • Luís Miguel Cintra: Le docteur Fernado
  • Isabel de Castro: Mme Maria
  • Eduarda Chiotte: Mme Cândida


Extrait 1Uma pedra extrait


bolso1.pngUma Pedra 3Uma Pedra 1Uma Pedra 2bolso2.pngUma Pedra 4
bolso1.pngUma Pedra 3Uma Pedra 1Uma Pedra 2bolso2.pngUma Pedra 4


  • Rights expire on: 1/31/21
  • Color: color
  • Type: feature film
  • Director: Joaquim Pinto
  • Screenplay: Joaquim Pinto
  • Screenplay: Eduarda Chiotte
  • Cinematographer: Joaquim Pinto
  • Sound: Francisco Veloso
  • Editing: Joaquim Pinto
  • Original score: Paula Azguime
  • Original score: Miso Ensemble
  • Original score: Miguel Azguime
  • Producer: João Pedro Bénard